Architects Design-Build in Dominica

Customized and Responsible : Project Management from Conceptual through Construction

Why Design-Build?

Typically, project design and project construction are two distinct processes led by two distinct entities.

A Design-Build company combines these two services and offers a single contract to the client. This affords numerous efficiencies in administration and implementation of the Project Brief. More often than not, schedule and budget are better controlled and overruns are minimized.

Having ones builder involved from early stages is certainly advantageous as is having ones Architect participating more intimately in production.

Why TLC?

TLC was established by a local Architectural firm and a developer, both of whom were striving for a more efficient building process through Design-Build.

Agar & Johnston Architects have designed and supervised the construction of dozens of structures for residential and commercial purposes, in Dominica and the region. Many clients are new to Dominica and appreciate input from experienced consultants early on, even prior to site selection. Project Management is key and based on detailed quantified contracts with clients and contractors.

TLCs strategy is to use their large truck with a crane to quickly erect prefab elements for speedy and controlled construction.

Owners living overseas can rest assured that their project is handled with professionalism.

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